About Us

About Us

Accelerating Africa into the Climate Economy.

We are a Pan African Climate Action Movement that seeks to put Africa in the driving seat of the Climate space, enhancing Africa’s role as the world’s carbon sink, unlocking climate finance to accelerate the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by African countries and shaping the trajectory for the Africa Agenda 2063.

A proactive, pragmatic, responsive and people centric Pan African voluntary multi-stakeholder climate action movement. The Africa Voluntary Carbon Credits Market Forum (AVCCMF) is championing the collaborative and inclusive climate action to save the planet and accelerate Africa’s participation in the global climate economy. According to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, the Forum has been leading the development of strategic partnerships and collaborations that promote robust and effective voluntary climate action on the African continent. Through carbon offsetting, practical steps were taken to achieve Kyoto Protocol Carbon Footprint targets.

The African Agenda 2063 recognizes the importance of climate resilience and environmental sustainability. AVCCMF believes that Article 6 of the Paris Agreement presents a gigantic opportunity for African countries whose communities are bearing the brunt of the effects of climate change, negatively affecting the enjoyment of Universal Human Rights, threatening the core and spirit of universalism and the principles of equality and sanctity of life as enshrined in the UN Charter.

African economies are reeling under pressure from the adverse impact of debt burden exacerbated by the catastrophic effects of Climate change that is taking a toll on their communities despite having contributed very little to the Ozone-depleting greenhouse gas emissions that have caused the global predicament. This has resulted in a lack of access to basic services such as healthcare and education. In addition, African economies are also facing the challenges of high unemployment, poverty, and inequality. It therefore follows that the same African countries must work together on a Pan-African Voluntary platform, collaborating with African State Parties to take control and lead the Voluntary Carbon Credits Markets for the effective benefit of African communities.

The forum held its inaugural Voluntary Carbon Credits Markets conference that was attended by some representatives of governments, civic society, climate action project developers, financiers, auditors, certifiers, verifiers, and off-setters or buyers who took each other through the steps from project development to retirement of carbon credits and deliberated on several factors affecting the space including governmental policy frameworks.

At the Victoria Falls Conference on 5-7 July 2023, there was a loud clarion call for developing countries to take action in formulating inclusive policy frameworks that ensure that the climate change-affected communities’ benefit from carbon credits offsetting, in line with the Paris Agreement. The Forum is therefore spreading across Africa, raising awareness and building capacities through strategic partnerships to help Africa Voluntary Communities tap into the markets and access funding from off-setters for development. The move will see African countries reducing vulnerability and risk from adverse effects of climate change through enhancement of coping, adaptation, and resilience capacity building.



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